Celibacy: The Pros & Cons from Men Who’ve Tried It (pt.1)

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Can I actually do it? What would be my reason? Will I be good at it when I start again? There comes a time in every man’s life where clarity is sought through the form of celibacy. Here is where we in The Plutocrats Club outline what happened in our experience and what came of it.

My first attempt at celibacy was more of a whim type of thing to prove I could do it to my best friend. Her whole deal was that I was too much of a “whore” to stop sleeping around. I’ve always been a rebel so I chose to combat her hypothesis. I didn’t exactly know what I was getting into though. Sex has always been more of an action than an emotional process for me, unless it was with a girl I loved. And that’s rarely been the case.


That being said, Celibacy had to be one of the most challenging components of my life. You’ll question yourself, your past, your present, and your future. This may seem unrealistic but trust me….you will! The first couple of days are a synch, because you’re high off of this newfound journey you’re taking. The real test comes around your eighth or ninth day when no one is around and you have to rely on yourself to stop your inhibitions.

While you’re going through this celibacy process, the worst part isn’t the lack of sex. The worst part is the turning down of opportunities for sex. To go from everyday to Mr. cold turkey is..well I’ll just call it a culture shock. I myself experienced withdraw in more ways than I can count.

When I went through it, I found so many positives, such as:

The power she holds over you is gone. When you aren’t chasing women for just sex you begin to have an epiphany about women. They don’t hold as much power when you aren’t looking to get them naked all the time.

Pro: This attracts a woman to you even more. Women love a man who knows he can have her, but won’t even acknowledge an urge to attempt.

You find out more about yourself.

Pro: As a Man we sometimes forget what we’re lacking with in terms of the realm outside of sex. When sex is removed from the situation, we begin to improve ourselves intellectually, and also reevaluate the way we approach women in general. (This will ultimately help you in the long run)

You notice her true qualities

Pro: A lot of times when sex is on the mind, we sometimes miss the tell tale signs that she is a terrible person, woman of the night, airhead, or Debbie downer(Yes, Debbie Downer)

Let me not lead you on though, because there are cons to being that guy who isn’t having sex.


Your friends won’t let you live it down.

Con: Nothing is worse than having your friends torment you and talk about how you’re being a girl and “saving it”, or being soft. Just remember that a part of them respects you for making your own decision

Your thoughts will become inappropriate often.

Con: When you go from having sex often or sometimes (Just to be inclusive of some of you) to going cold turkey, you have to get used to it. You will look at women in every dirty way possible because sex will be the most prevalent thing on your mind for a while.

There will be times where you are alone

Con: Lonely nights are never fun, and this is what you’ll have to get used to. The more you get serious about celibacy, the more you’ll realize that sometimes tempting yourself isn’t worth it.

You’ll have to tell her no

Con: Telling a girl no is not a part of the guy code. You may lose points with females when you choose to swear off that good stuff.


These are just a few of the pro’s and con’s of being celibate. Follow this blog and there’s more to come on this subject. Never be misinformed or feel left out. Just being most guys won’t talk about it, doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about it.

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