• Relationship Cohabitation: The Modern Man’s Way

    You’ve been dating this new girlfriend for a solid 4 or 5 months, and it seems to only be getting more and more serious. You think about living together all the time, and she often asks if you would want to and if it would be a good idea. Both of you sit hesitant in wonderment about whether this is the best situation. Rest easy, my friends, for we’ve got a roadmap to the moving-in or moving-out process for a relationship.



    The testing phase should always be the first step. You or your significant other should start switching off staying at each other’s places during the weekend. This gives you a quick insight into the habits of the person you’ve begun to cherish.


    Taking it up a notch and adding more days to your staying-together schedule will allow you all to further explore your relationship as well as your partner’s home-life routines (whether good or bad). You will also see how often you get tired of seeing each other in this phase. If it’s too much to stand, then it might be a sign to bail on the move-in idea for the moment.

    The Bills Talk


    This is the talk you have when you’ve decided it might be time to actually follow through with moving-in together. Who’s going to pay electric? Who’s going to pay the cable? Or gas? Sewage? Water?

    This is an important step in terms of the accountability of your relationship and also in you feeling comfortable taking on a roommate with a romantic connection.

    The Trial

    Don’t be so quick to sign both names on a lease! Do the smart thing and keep one person’s apartment and see how it goes if one of you gives up their place. If you jump into a joint lease signing early and the relationship goes bad immediately, you both may be trapped in an awkward situation. The more you ease into it, the easier and smarter the process becomes.

    As the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait.”

    The Final Decision


    After at least three months or more of trying this process, you should be able to sit and talk with your significant other and decide what the best option is. Sometimes you’ll find, this process we’ve constructed can help make or break a relationship.

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