A Virtual Interactive Branding Workshop for Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

Hosted by TPC founder and branding strategist David Pailin Jr., participants will learn critical brand philosophy essential for any start-up or small business.

Since 2013, TPC has been giving entreprenuers, small business, non-profits, and organizations a stronger voice by articulating their vision for next-level success. Now we have created an intensive 3-hour course to help you achieve 4 specific goals for the love of the game (free).


Participants will create a clear and focused brand strategy, construct a foundation for digital real estate and marketing assets, receive peer-to-peer feedback on current brand effectiveness, connect with like-minded professionals for collaboration, and gain accountability for the future.


Although this is a virtual event, professional attire, speech, and behavior are required. Branding starts with self-presentation, so be sure to put your best foot forth as we enter into this professional learning environment. 

We ask that your default position is to have video on, mics muted, social media accounts readily available, and use the chat feature to ask questions.