Stephanie Chung

With more than 25 years of high-ticket sales experience at Fortune 500 companies, Stephanie has acquired the expertise and knowledge on how to generate results within this high-end, specialized niche market. From sales to executive and leadership roles, Stephanie has carefully developed and crafted her proven tactics and methodologies that dramatically increase leads, sales and revenue.

She has mastered the art of high-ticket and has mentored, coached and developed some of the highest paid, most elite, sales professionals in the country who have sold well over 1 billion dollars and counting. Her credential include:

  • Led a high performance team within the private jet industry that generated $800M in revenue
  • Worked as a sales representative in the airline industry and consistently exceeded an annual quota of $25M+ in sales
  • Ranked in the top 2% of the global sales force for an $11B cosmetic company

When Stephanie decided to expand her digital horizons, The Plutocrats Club was there there to blueprint a winning strategy including:

  • YouTube Set-up, Content Strategy & Testimonial Production
  • Soundcloud Set-up, & Podcast Strategy
  • LinkedIn Optimization & Posting Assistance
  • Twitter Set-up, Review, Scheduling & Following Boost
  • Facebook Set-up, Review, Content Creation
  • Article & Collateral Design